European Council, representing the highest highest level of political cooperation between EU countries, defines the general political direction and priorities of the European Union.


Isabel Vicaria Barker

Plamen Pachev

Isabel Vicaría Barker was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. Upon graduation, she moved to Munich to pursue a degree in German law and is currently specialising in international and European law at the LMU. Her MUN career began in her freshman year of high school. Since then, she has chaired in numerous conferences across the German, Spanish and English circuits and has also been a Secretariat member on a number of occaisions.

When not MUNing, Isabel enjoys travelling, partaking in sports such as dancing, archery and sailing, cooking, learning languages and hanging out with friends. She believes that MUN is the perfect way to practice skills one would not normally learn inside a classroom and to meet like-minded people from across the globe.

Plamen is a master student in Economics at the University of Vienna and got recently introduced to the world of diplomatic role-plays. He participated in several MUNs/MEUs, chaired various bodies at conferences in Central and Eastern Europe, and is currently serving as a Deputy-Director General of MEU Vienna. For him, MUN is more a hobby which brings some variety to the university life but also teaches discipline, flexibility, and awareness of internationally important topics.

He is also a member of the Alpbach community and thus, a convinced European, believing in the ideas, serving as a foundation of the European Union. However, the last years have shown that this Union is facing “multiple crises” as the Commission President, mr. Jean-Claude Juncker said. Nevertheless, it is worth noticing that the European Union emerged stronger after each crisis. Plamen is convinced that this time it will be surely the same case. He will provide the honorable delegates of the European Council with the best working atmosphere, in order a great conclusion paper to be drafted.


Topic A: Strengthening the EU’s common security and defence policy

Topic B: The future of the relations between the EU and Turkey

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