Memories of the White House with Mrs. Eliska Hasek Coolidge

Eliška Hašková

Eliška Hašková

On 17th March 2014 MUN Prague will have the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Eliska Hasek Coolidge, the former special assistant to five American presidents, from the time of John Fitzgerald Kennedy to Ronald Reagan.

The lecture will take place at the University of Economics, RB 101 from 7.30pm.

Mrs. Eliska launched her career in 1959 by enrolling in the prestigious Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. Upon graduation cum laude she joined the White House Staff as a Staff Assistant on the Speechwriter´s Staff and subsequently created the Office of Presidential Messages of which she served for 18 years as Director and Special Assistant to the President. In the Reagan-Bush Administration she served for nine years in the U.S. Department of State,( first on the personal staff of Secretary of State George Shultz , later as Congressional Liaison Officer for the Inter-American Bureau, subsequently as Assistant Chief of Protocol of the U.S. and finally as U.S. Alternate Delegate to the Organization of American States.)

Nowadays she leads public etiquette courses and teaches what she has learnt by many years of engagement in business and diplomatic environment.

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