Throwback: MiniMUN 2018

One beautiful sunny day, exactly on Saturday the 14th April, our MiniMUN took place on the 20th floor of Česká Spořitelna skyscraper. The amazing city view definitely added up to our conference atmosphere.

MiniMUN is a one-day-conference which is always held on a certain topic considering ongoing or past events that are shaping our history. It is a simulation of United Nations Security Council where every person being assigned a country needs to do a research on the given topic and to follow the goal of an assigned country. This year’s MiniMUN was in spirit of the crisis in the Central African Republic.

United Nations Security Council consists of five permanent members (China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States) and ten non-permanent members (now Bolivia, Côte d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, and Sweden), which rotate every two years. AT our conference also two observers (African Union and Central African Republic) were present for a more accurate scene.

The participants represented a nice mixture of beginners and experienced delegates. Of course the most experienced and most essential (not counting the amazing preparation team) part of MiniMUN was our Chairs – Diana and Michal. They truly followed the rules strictly giving the delegates a unique chance to experience a United Nations meeting.

This long fruitful day began at 9 am with an explanation of „Rules of Procedure“ (a document which explains how to behave during the simulation) and the „Country Position“ statements followed. Through the sun rays and smiles, the real discussion with proposals took over. As many moderated and unmoderated caucases (discussions on a particular matter with or without the Chairs) occurred, we finally made some progress. Every delegate, one by another, took the floor trying to push their country’s aim(s).

Since conferences tend to be very demanding, we took a little break in Kolkovna to refill our engines. It was wonderful to get to know the real people behind the assigned countries.

Because of a violation of certain rules, a punishment for most of the countries has been issued. Those who referred to their country and said „I“ instead of „the delegation of …“ had to sing a national anthem of North Korea. Basically every delegate, except two, sang.

A special treatment got the delegate of the USA who misbehaved the most. He needed to dance and sing to a Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song. He made our day!

Back to the serious content, Secretary General met us for an afternoon session to control our progress. We were getting drift away to cure just the financial side of the complex problem so we needed to refocus on a different and harder goal to achieve – stopping the ongoing violence immediately. This moved us a bit forward and we started drafting a working paper which later turned into a draft resolution and finally an actual resolution, which can be found below. Throughout the day we explained our country’s point of view, discussed different aspects of the crisis, came up with possible solutions and reached consensus but didn’t forget to smile and socialize with other delegates, chairs and organizers.

We all enjoyed MiniMUN 2018 very much and apart from getting to know new awesome people we also gained a bit more of the UNique experience!

Special thanks go to our sponsor  – Česká Spořitelna, who made this event happen in its nicely decorated and cosy office (Olbrechtova str. 62)

Adopted Resolution





Pictures by Anna Grybova