MUN Society

MUN Prague Society

MUN Prague Society was created in October 2014 when group of students, members of the Model United Nations Prague o.s., decided to gather all students enthusiastic about MUN conferences and foreign affairs topics, but also those who have deep interests in development negotiation and discussion skills.

MUN Prague Society is preparing a series of workshops and seminars in order to help our team to prepare future MUN delegates and to share knowledge gained by attending international MUNs. Our experienced team has prepared plenty of interesting events for you.


What we offer

  • Personal development
  • Improvement of negotiation skills
  • Discussions of foreign affairs topics

What we prepare

  • Series of workshops
  • Simulation of conflicts
  • Lectures


First workshop series

We would like to invite you for the first workshop of MUN Society of this semester. The topic of “Introduction to the MUN World” will answer questions about Model UN conferences.



We will present:

  • MUN’s formal and informal parts and events,
  • inform you about its overall proceedings,
  • share our experience from the MUNs we have participated in,
  • tell you about the budget,
  • explain how to become a delegate
  • and how to prepare for it properly.

And of course we will be happy to answer all the questions you may have.


Link to our FB event: