Closing Ceremony

We are delighted to inform you about the venue of our Closing Ceremony!

The Closing Ceremony will take place in the Prague City Hall, Mariánské náměstí, starting at 15:30. Expected end is at 17:00.

The Closing Ceremony will be held in the Great Hall, one of the most representative halls in Prague.

But how to actually get there? Well, look at this map below and follow our instructions. The starting point is at Vysoká škola ekonomická (The University of Economics) where will PragueMUN be held.

  1. You can walk – 23 minutes through the old Prague (very nice, narrow streets and beautiful architecture)

Due to technical reasons the maps might not work on your mobile. Please use your computer.

  1. You can use tram number 9 and walk – The first stop where you can take a tram is right in front of the university and is called Husinecká, the stop where you want to get off is called Národní třída. Only tram number 9 goes there.

See you there!