Panel Discussion

Cyber–Security: Challenge of the 21st century

A 2010 report by the UN Group of Governmental Experts, a group which includes diplomats from the United States, Russia and China concluded that cybersecurity threats are amongst the most serious challenges that the international community faces in the 21 century. With increased technology and communications on a global scale, the threat posed by cyber security can have long lasting impacts upon democratic institutions.

This leads to many arising questions: How should states respond, how to fight with propaganda, how to protect personal data for their citizens? Those and many more will be discussed during our Panel Discussion.

Date: 5thof February, 10:30 – 11:30

Venue: The University of Economics, Likešova Aula


Tomáš Rezek – analyst at AMO Research Center for cyber security

Ondřej Rojčík – Head of Strategic Information and Analysis at National Cyber and Information Secuirty Agency

Petr Jirásek – Member of Cyber Committee, AFCEA International

Moderator: Jakub Jedlinský