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Aurelien Sailler

Clarissa Tabosa

My name is Aurelien Sailler I am a study Law and Languages with a minor in International Relations in the University of Tours (France). In my personal life, I am interested in various cultural fields, ranging from TV Series to Art and Lliterature. Being interested in diplomacy and geopolitics since high school, I saw MUNs as a great opportunity to practice my debating skills while getting to know the world from a different perspective. I got started in my local MUN society before taking part in my first International MUN in last year’s Prague MUN edition. After more than a year in the MUN culture and multiple MUNs experiences,my growing interest for various topics such as the importance of cultural heritage, the protection of Human Rights, various scientific issuesor the environmental questions has led meto take part to the UNESCO committee as a chair. I am looking forwardto meet you all, and I am sure that together, we can make the PragueMUN UNESCO experience a memorableone.

My name is Clarissa, I am Brazilian but I have been living and studying in Slovakia for the past 6 years. Currently I am a PhD. candidate at the Institute of European Studies and International Relations, FSES, Comenius University. My main research areas revolve around migration, human rights’ protection, children rights, and diplomacy. I took part (either as a participant, chair, or member of the Secretariat) in MUNs in Brazil, USA, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia. This will be my third Prague MUN as chair. I am very excited to be back to my favorite city and to my favorite MUN. I am also looking forward to seeing you debating on such relevant topics and to meeting you all!



Topic A: Safeguarding cultural heritage in conflict zones
Topic B: Access to education and health care in conflict and post-conflict zones

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