Visa Information

Since 2007 the Czech Republic is a member of the Schengen zone. Citizens of the following countries have to apply for a short-stay Schengen visa to enter the Czech Republic.


How to apply for a Schengen visa?


  1. In the application form for the PragueMUN conference check that you need a Schengen visa to participate in the conference. (Note: If you have a valid multiple-entry Schengen visa in your passport, there is no need to apply for another one).
  2. Pay delegate (and accommodation) fee(s).
  3. PragueMUN will send you an invitation letter, where a statement that you are a participant of Prague MUN conference, will be included. If you pay for the accommodation fee, the letter will serve as a confirmation of your stay as well. To apply for a visa, local embassies require original documents, so we have to send it to you via mail. Please note that it may take several days to arrive. Scanned version of the letter will be sent to you via email and can be used for other purposes (sponsoring, university, etc.). (Note: If mail-service in your country is not very reliable, we can send it via DHL or any other private provider, but please note you will have to cover all the expenses. Please, let us know in advance!)
  4. Find the nearest Czech authority competent to issue the Schengen visa. List of all missions is available here. Read the information about visas on embassy’s website as well as general info about visas on the website of  the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs carefully.
  5. Fill in the application for issuing the visa (the form is available here). Enclose all the necessary documents (they vary in different countries, gather the information in advance!).
  6. Apply for a visa. “Application for a Schengen (short-term) visa can be filed within 3 months of the planned trip. Applications are in most cases reviewed within 7-15 days. In individual cases, the review period can be extended up to 30 days and in exceptional cases up to 60 days. It is recommended not to file a visa application later than 15 days before the trip, as it cannot be otherwise guaranteed it will be reviewed in time.“
  7. Get the visa and go to PragueMUN!


Please note that we CANNOT guarantee you getting the visa. As a student organization we CANNOT provide you with an invitation verified by the Alien Police. We do not cover your visa expenses as well.


All information about aquiring visa can be found on the webpage of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs: and at the webpage of the embassy of the Czech Republic in your country.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at: m.mayboroda[at]