Join our ranks! Become a member of MUN Prague.

Model United Nations Prague is looking for new members of the organizing body. We are mainly searching for people interested in International Relations, but also for PRIT and finance oriented people.


Each member of our team participates in preparation of our main project #PragueMUN Conference in different department. Our current structure can be found here: Our Team. The department is the focus of activities you will have for a year. However, you will also be able to take part in the decision making process and International Relations related activities. Do not worry if you don’t have any experience in the following fields, we are hiring based on attitude not knowledge.

This year we are searching for people to join various departments:

  • PR department (photographers, journali...
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MiniMUN: Virus Zika as a security threat

Dear friends and MUN enthusiasts,

We would like to invite you to MiniMUN – one-day simulation of the Model United Nations which takes place on April 2nd, 2016 in the premises of the NATO Information Center at CEVRO institute in Prague.

Placevysoká škola CEVRO Institut, z.ú.
Jungmannova 17
110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město

You can apply for this event at

Be sure to visit our webpage section dedicated to MiniMUN where you will find all necessary information and tips how to prepare for this event:


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PragueMUN 2016 is over!

The Fifth edition of Prague Model United Nations that took place from 8th to 11th February at the University of Economics is over and we — the Secretary body — are more than delighted to have met with so many hard-working and enthusiastic people from up to 20 foreign countries.

PragueMUN 2016

One big “thank you” belongs to chairs, the Under-Secretary-General and all delegates who have their undeniable share of the PragueMUN’s success.

We hope that you enjoyed your sessions and social events in Prague and also that we will meet with many of you during the next PragueMUN sessions in 2017! :-)

Happy and safe homeward journey!

— PragueMUN Team

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Public Address of Secretary General

PragueMUN’s Secretary General, in a public address on February 11, 2016, referring to the developing crisis in the island of Cyprus.

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NATO – IAEA: Best friends forever against cyberterrorism

After long silence, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization finally issued a Communiqué addressing the threat of cyber-terrorism and the attack against Doel nuclear energy plant.

In the document, NATO harshly compares the spread of cyber capabilities with the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Surprisingly, the international organization chose to remain silent about the cyber attack on the Doel nuclear energy plant in Belgium.

The International Atomic Energy Association responded to the Communiqué and pledged their assistance to improving security standards in nuclear power plants worldwide. The organization also decided on an IAEA emergency session in Vienna with the purpose of developing the Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT).

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Two bombs explode in Laayoune, UN Security Council remains silent

Towards noon, two explosions went off in public spaces of Laayoune, Western Sahar. In the midst of chaos, up to 20 fatal victims and dozens of injured have been reported by local authorities.

Few minutes after the incident, Al Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM) claimed responsibility for the attack through several online sources. Hassan Halloumi, spokesperson of Morocco’s Ministry of Interior, has been swift to accuse the Polisario Front, the Sahrawi opposition organization in Western Sahara, of collaborating with AQIM to carry out the attack. Sahara officials have strongly denied these accusations, restating their commitment towards an autonomous Sahrawi authority in Western Sahara.

The UN Security Council, which was reportedly close to reaching a resolution on the issue of Western Sahara, may ...

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El Niño seeps down Latin America and several places in South East Asia

As weather conditions continue to worse, the El Niño weather phenomenon has already caused several damages to the infrastructure and agricultural production of developing countries across Latin America and South East Asia. In the wake of these events, members of both UNASUR and ASEAN demand better trading conditions in the international market and more lenient labor requirements by the World Trade Organization.


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Power shortage in Doel Nuclear Energy Plant, a hacker attack suspected

A power shortage in the Doel Nuclear Power Station, one of the two nuclear power plants in Belgium, was registered in the early hours of the morning. Early investigations point towards a breach in the plant’s internet security system. The attack comes in the midst of worldwide panic about a threat by the Anonymous hacker organization.

NATO’s North Atlantic Council, which has remained silent about Anonymous’s threat, is currently looking into the possibility of working together with the International Atomic Energy Association.

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Several cases of sexual harassment against refugee women in Hungary uncovered!

In a report released yesterday by UNWatch, several cases of rape and sexual harassment against refugee women have been uncovered in the camps in Hungary. The report goes as far as to state that UNHCR officials have given their tacit approval on occasions. In the wake of these events, several NGOs and human rights organizations have submitted a plea to UNWOMEN, the United Nations bodied charged with improving equality for women, to pronounce itself on the situation.

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Threat by anonymous goes viral. “World’s nuclear power plants in danger” say experts

Following a statement by the organization of Hackers Anonymous, which vowed to disrupt the West’s main energy production mechanisms, panic is spreading across nuclear energy dependent countries. Still lacking international regulation and enforced high security standards, experts believe this sector to be the most vulnerable potential target of any cybernetic attack.

“Long gone are the West’s days of supremacy over the civilized world. Highly dependent on its energy sources, it will crumble down and give way to a just society of free men and women” read the statement. The threats have sparked dire concern throughout the international community...

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