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Model United Nations: one-day simulation at the University of Economics in Prague


Important: Deadline for submitting applications has been extended! We still accept new applications.

Are you interested in politics, international relations and acute problems of our world? Have you ever dreamt about being a delegate, debating on issues of immense importance in attempts to find a consensus?

We are honored to invite you to our one-day simulation Model United Nations that will be held at the University of Economics in Prague on 1st of December 2017.

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of decision-making process of the United Nations where participants act as delegates of particular states, representing its interests on the international scene and negotiating with other member-states on different topics. The agenda of the upcoming MUN is – Renewable energy as a means of achieving the goals of the Paris agreement and the SDGs.

Climate change is a global problem and we would harldy find a single country not being affected by its negative consequences. The United Nations has been trying to adress this problem repeatedly, since it is a problem which needs to be solved on a global scale. Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts has even become one of the 17 official goals to transform the world (SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals). Nowadays, there are definitely many new ways to solve the problem and renewable energy is one of them. According to the Global Energy Statistical Yearbook 2017, only 24% of the total electricity production comes from renewable resources. However, the pace of replacing unsustainable resources with renewable ones is slower than it was expected.

How to successfully participate in Model United Nations one-day simulation?

STEP 1.  First of all you should apply for MUN. The link for the application form you can find below. Don’t hesitate and hurry up: it’s gonna be a great experience, believe us!

STEP 2. Have you already sent your application? Don’t waste your time! We do strongly advise you to start the preparation for your first simulation as early as you can. Whatever you can find in books, magazines and on Web on the topic of Renewable energy as a means of achieving the goals of the Paris agreement and the SDGs will be useful and helpful.

STEP 3.  Please check your email. We will send you the confirmation of your participation in MUN and information about what country’s interests you will represent.  That is very important to know, because during the simulation you will have to stick to the position of the country assigned and to express its view and policies, not your own. Please keep that in mind!

We will also publish the Study Guide – a short summary for participants on the topic to be discussed during the simulation –  on our web pages. There you will find not only a short research for your solid background on the topic, but also useful links and sources you can draw information from.

STEP 4. 28th November is the deadline for sending the Position Paper of your country –  it’s a short document that should contain a concise description of your country’s stance in the situation with Human rights in Syria. Don’t be afraid – we will send you more details and instructions on How to write a good position paper via email.

STEP 5. 1st  December. The day of the MUN simulation you have been preparing for. We believe it will prove an invaluable experience and you will enjoy it as we do!


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